Prevent the loss of your cufflinks and shirt studs while enhancing their appearance with STAYS!

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Cufflink and stud Stays are made in the USA

Prevent the loss of your cufflinks and shirt studs
while enhancing their appearance!

Use innovative cufflink and shirt stud STAYS for security. Feel secure in your cufflink and shirt studs with STAYS! STAYS provide security for your cufflinks and shirt studs.

What are cufflink and stud Stays?
These unique and discretely designed discs are constructed out of a durable, lightweight and flexible material that will help prevent the loss of cufflinks and shirt studs.

What are the benefits of owning cufflink and stud Stays?
The benefit to owning cufflink and stud Stays is that they add peace of mind to wearing either rented or valuable cufflinks and shirt studs. No more having shirt studs pop through the button holes and fall out or coming home with one less cufflink because it accidently got bumped and opened. Cufflink and shirt studs can be expensive and family heirlooms even priceless to replace. Securing them with Stays can give you peace of mind.

How many times can I use the Stays?
Used properly cufflink and stud Stays can be worn multiple times. The Stays discs are flexible to allow them to be removed and reused on numerous occasions.

Can people see me wearing Stays?
No, used correctly cufflink and stud Stays are not visible when worn.

Are cufflink and stud Stays expensive?
No, cufflink and stud Stays are very inexpensive when you think of the COST compared to purchasing a new set of cufflinks or shirt studs.

When would I use cufflink and stud Stays?
Any time you are wearing cufflinks or shirt studs and want to secure them to prevent any possible loss.

How are Stays used to secure my cufflinks and shirt studs?
Click on our PRODUCT DETAILS page for easy-to-use instructions for securing your cufflink and shirt studs.

How were Stays invented?
As with most inventions, it began with the realization that something was needed to solve a problem!

While attending a formal dinner on an Alaskan cruise, the inventor realized that one of his shirt studs had separated from the back panel of his shirt and exposed his skin (and that he might lose his expensive stud). Not wanting this to happen again, he cut out a securing disc from a piece of cardboard that worked for the rest of the cruise.

In talking to others, the Stays inventor heard stories of shirt studs falling through the button holes, as well as cufflink posts getting bumped and unlocking which resulted in the cufflink falling out and even being lost.

Through various design prototypes and product material testing the initial disc out of cardboard eventually evolved into the two designs of Stays. One design for securing cufflinks and one design for securing shirt studs.


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